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RF Studies performs detailed interference and intermodulation studies for existing proposed antenna sites to determine the potential for interfering with co-located third parties


RF Studies performs detailed interference analysis to identify potential sources of interference resulting from the addition of all carrier's frequencies at an existing antenna site. This analysis takes into account all existing and any known proposed equipment on the site, along with antenna separation, physical location, and orientation of all equipment. This analysis predicts potential interference against for following six categories:

  • Transmitter intermodulation products

  • Receiver intermodulation products

  • Receiver desensitization

  • Transmitter noise

  • Transmitter harmonics

  • Transmitter spurious emissions

When completed, RF Studies will deliver a comprehensive, detailed report that includes:

  • Summary of analysis

  • Statement identifying any potential interference problem(s)

  • Results of the six categories mentioned above

  • Detailed list that contains all input information .